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Hinged Type 500

* Representation purpose only - product may differ based on specific part number

  • IP23 metal enclosure
  • Fully wired and labelled
  • Three phase main switch
  • 500 x 500 x 250 mm Galvanised enclosure top hinged
  • Laser cut with precision assembly
  • Insulated waterproof tie rods - Top lead suspension & Bottom
entry points
  • Switchgear mounted on hinged switch panel
  • Rear active and neutral links mounted on the hinged panel
  • Strong and robust welded stand
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TEMPDB-6500X500X250Dmm. Includes 5X10A DGPO, 1XSGPO 15A. Fitted to stand
TEMPDB-OUTLET/6500X500X250Dmm. Includes 5X10A DGPO, 1XSGPO 15A and 1XThree phase 20 or 32A Outlet. Fitted to stand