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Load Break Switches

* Representation purpose only - product may differ based on specific part number

  • 250A to 7000A-3 and 4 pole
  • Rated voltage of isolation, 1000VAC or 440VDC
  • Polyester self-extinguishing and anti-trace insulating case
  • Silver-plated electrolytic copper fix contacts
  • Extremely reliable operating device ensuring high closing and opening speed
  • Double break for each pole, supply connection is allowed upper or lower side
  • Suitable for polluted ambient and tropical climates according to IEC68-2 Std
  • Equipped with operating handle 0-1 to IEC standards, IP55
  • Technical characteristics and test reports available
Item No.TypePolesRatingINP Icw KA (1 SEC)Add to Enquiry
IHS160Manual Transfer Switch316010
IHS160/4Manual Transfer Switch416010
IMV1000Automated Transfer Switch3100035
IMV1000/4Automated Transfer Switch4100035
IMV1250Automated Transfer Switch3125040
IMV1250/4Automated Transfer Switch4125040
IMV160Automated Transfer Switch316010
IMV160/4Automated Transfer Switch416010
IMV1600Automated Transfer Switch3160055
IMV1600/4Automated Transfer Switch4160055
IMV1800Automated Transfer Switch3180055
IMV1800/4Automated Transfer Switch4180055
IMV2000Automated Transfer Switch3200060
IMV2000/4Automated Transfer Switch4200060
IMV250Automated Transfer Switch325012.5
IMV250/4Automated Transfer Switch425012.5
IMV2500Automated Transfer Switch3250080
IMV2500/4Automated Transfer Switch4250080
IMV3150Automated Transfer Switch3315085
IMV3150/4Automated Transfer Switch4315085
IMV400Automated Transfer Switch340015
IMV400/4Automated Transfer Switch440015
IMV4000Automated Transfer Switch3400085
IMV4000/4Automated Transfer Switch4400085
IMV5000Automated Transfer Switch35000100
IMV5000/4Automated Transfer Switch45000100
IMV630Automated Transfer Switch363020
IMV630/4Automated Transfer Switch463020
IMV6300Automated Transfer Switch36300120
IMV6300/4Automated Transfer Switch46300120
IMV7000Automated Transfer Switch37000120
IMV7000/4Automated Transfer Switch47000120
IMV800Automated Transfer Switch380025
IMV800/4Automated Transfer Switch480025
INP1000Manual Transfer Switch3100040
INP1000/4Manual Transfer Switch4100040
INP1250Manual Transfer Switch3125050
INP1250/4Manual Transfer Switch4125050
INP1600Manual Transfer Switch3160055
INP1600/4Manual Transfer Switch4160055
INP1800Manual Transfer Switch3180055
INP1800/4Manual Transfer Switch4180055
INP2000Manual Transfer Switch3200060
INP2000/4Manual Transfer Switch4200060
INP250Manual Transfer Switch325019
INP250/4Manual Transfer Switch425019
INP2500Manual Transfer Switch3250080
INP2500/4Manual Transfer Switch4250080
INP3150Manual Transfer Switch3315085
INP3150/4Manual Transfer Switch4315085
INP400Manual Transfer Switch340021
INP400/4Manual Transfer Switch440021
INP4000Manual Transfer Switch3400085
INP4000/4Manual Transfer Switch4400085
INP5000Manual Transfer Switch35000100
INP5000/4Manual Transfer Switch45000100
INP630Manual Transfer Switch363032
INP630/4Manual Transfer Switch463032
INP6300Manual Transfer Switch36300120
INP6300/4Manual Transfer Switch46300120
INP7000Manual Transfer Switch37000120
INP7000/4Manual Transfer Switch47000120
INP800Manual Transfer Switch380036
INP800/4Manual Transfer Switch480036