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Bovara Pty. Ltd.

Get Switched 'ON' With Bovara


Be it typical switchboard switches, disconnect or Rotary CAM switches, our range offers ideal features for its use as ON-OFF switches, Main switches, Emergency-Off switches, Maintenance switches, Safety switches, Distribution switches, Motor switches, code, gang and multi-step switches.

Offering a comprehensive range of CAM switches, Bovara Pty Ltd provide reliable solutions to the needs of the electrical industry. Our range of world class CAM switches is manufactured in-house in Australia and is also sourced from innovative manufacturers like Salzer Electric.

Extending their usage from industrial and infrastructure purposes, CAM switches can also be used in entertainment centres, petrochemical industry, hospitals and process-line manufacturing.

To add on to the range of switches, each of them offers individual programmability, making them suitable for producing custom switching programs/logic. Coming with different mounting and enclosed variants, these switches tick every box in the checklist to match with the best in the industry. Visit our products page now for further details of our exclusive range of CAM switches.