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Your Safe Distribution Board Supply Option

Bovara Pty Ltd provide a wide range of distribution boards in metal and insulated enclosure options. Designed to perfection at our workshop with safety as the prime focus, these distribution boards are particularly suitable for miniature circuit breakers and moulded case circuit breakers. These distribution boards are full-bodied with control wiring & private metering, and are designed to be wall-mounted or floor-mounted depending on the needs and specifications.

Think Temporary Builder Supply Boards, Think BOVARA.

Bovara Pty Ltd is an Electrical equipment manufacturing company based at Botany, NSW. In our existence of over 25 years, we take pride to be an Australian manufacturer of a wide range of electrical products such as Temporary builder supply boards, Residential and Commercial Metering panels, Main Switchboards, Distribution Boards, Tee-Off Boxes, Link Boxes, Custom Enclosures and much more.

Powerpoints With Superior Performance

Bovara Pty Ltd have recently added DIN Powerpoints to their range of electrical products. Covered by a one-year quality assurance, these DIN Powerpoints feature a double pole and are auto switched. They come with a certification as per ACMA single compliance mark and are successfully tested to Australian standards AS/NZS 3112:2011 No. S14111, which makes them ideal for the Australian marketplace.

'One-Stop Shop' Solution

Bovara Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive range of switches as a 'one-stop shop' solution. Our Load-Break switches are extremely reliable operating devices which ensure high closing and opening speed. Available in 250A to 7000A, 3 and 4 pole options, these manual and automated transfer switches are also suited for polluted ambient and tropical climates according to IEC68-2 Std.

Make The 1600A Switch

Bovara Pty Ltd continues to design and manufacture Main Switchboards up to 1600A in a timely fashion. With the power and capability of in-house Solidworks our clients can professionally see the end result of any board. The boards are custom made for external or internal use.

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